Escape From Malagar

Session 2 Racing With Boris

With the freely offered up not really being offered by the owner gymsnor-3 in the survivors hands, Swoop takes the cockpit and fly per Litsil to the outskirts of Krell. While 5h0-d4n easily hacks into the ship and removes any chance of the Red Fist tracking their movements.

With the red sand of Malagar IV and the heat beating down on them, Adesa 5h0-d4n and Swoop all pressed on to Krell looking for the Bloody Knuckle.

Giving the guards of Krell the ol two truths and a lie in regards to names worked just fine and they were let in without a hitch.

The Bloody Knuckle was a sight to see and they all rushed in to see it. Swoop was immediately taken in by the bare knuckle fights happening in the center and proceeded to amass 15 credits of wealth from nothing. While 5h0-d4n offered up Adesa to whomever might happen to be in the VIP lounge. Though Boris was found and the jolly mans task was all that was standing between survivors and a ship with hyperspace.

With a simple mission of steal the cargo from the biggest powerhouse on the planet the 3 toyed around with some ideas before settling on heisting during a race while most of the town would be distracted by such a momentous affair. Not to mention needing to win the race for the 3000 credits they could earn in the process.

With some nice tinkering on the bike and a well scouted target things couldn’t have gone smoother. Swoop was able to ride through the dunes of Krell with no issues and flawlessly was able to take out the 10 time champion in the process. While Adesa’s wit was able to get her and 5h0-d4n into the warehouse with the goods. With some trap door hacking and some well timed name dropping the two were able to walk in take the cargo on forklifts without any accosting what so ever. Boris is thrilled and Swoop just Claimed first prize in the big race of Krell.

The survivors are being giving the parts to get a working hyperdrive and will have a gymsnor-3 that all 6 have an equal right in ownership. With the Galaxy their oyster where will they go from here…

Session 1 Crashing

All happening to be on the wrong ship at the wrong time a group of unlikely companions meet. Enjoying a simple flight with simple debauchery (and not a burn wound left un-stitched) though the space winds did not allow for that this day. The transport ship was being crashed by its droid pilot with quick thinking a droid, Chiss and a Corealian were able to avoid the ship from plummeting them all to utter oblivion. Most dead or broken and at least everyone bruised the remaining survivors were 6; 5h0-D4N, a repurposed Medical droid, Tre’yu, a force sensitive Chiss seeking his crystal, Swoop Gordon a Corelian smuggler who is wanted on his home world, Adesa a Twi’lek diplomat blackmailed away from her home of cloud city, Annor Thahin an ex empire scientist, and Jank0 a protocol droid.

With some quick surgery on Jank0 and a bit of heavy lifting the survivors picked themselves up and scouted their surroundings. Finding a massive ship graveyard they decided it was their best bet for shelter and pressed forward after the day of travel the noticed a speeder in the distance. With some great use of wit they were able to lul the 5 men on the speeder into a false sense of security and in the blink of an eye or a toxic dart and a stun grenade they lay scattered on the dirt subdued.

Using the captives as leverage and information 5h0-d4n, tru’yu and Swoop snuck into Litsil’s office and made the best of the Kriff you had all been dealt. on her back foot and not wanting to die in the process Litsil offers up a deal the survivors can’t refuse.

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